Less Than a Week

So, it is less than a week until I will know for sure whether or not I can claim the boat. I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to get some nerves. Not that I won’t get the boat but that I will. In the past I’ve been known to come up with awesome ideas but not follow through and so I’m determined to follow through with this. Plus- my bed broke last night so I’m going to have to get rid of it anyways. 🙂 

In preparation for the big move I’ve started to come up with a list of some of the tougher things I have to do before I make the leap.

  • Tell my mom. I can’t quite figure out what to do about this. I know I’m going to have to tell her, she comes to visit me frequently so she’s bound to find out. I think I am going to wait until it is absolutely imperative that she knows though…otherwise it will be just one more thing she will worry about.
  • Tell my roommates. I love my roommates. This is another aspect of moving that I’m a little wary of. I’ve lived alone before and enjoyed it but the past few months with these ladies have been awesome and I’m going to miss coming home to them. That said, I know I have to do this anyways. Plus they can come hang out on my boat. I’m also going to wait to tell them until I’m sure I have the boat though and I need to give my landlord my 30 days notice.
  • Throw shit out. Aka downsize. I’ve been getting better at this but I know I’m very far away from actually trimming my belongings down to the essentials. There are some things I’m going to have to put in storage but luckily my office and my boyfriend are going to relieve me of having to pay for one.
  • Learn about boats. Okay stop laughing. I have spent a lot of time on boats but I know very little about them. I’ve been reading up on the liveaboard lifestyle but I know I need to have a little bit more than basic knowledge so that is another thing I need to prepare.

I guess those aren’t that bad. It’s crazy how you can be 27 though and still be terrified of your mother. I guess some things never change.


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