First beer on the boat and a hurricane.

It’s starting to rain a little bit here and I’m beginning to wonder if I should start preparing for ‘Sandy.’ It seems like my friends are all stocking up and hunkering down- at least that’s what they are saying on Facebook. My top 3 favorite hurricane related statuses:

  1. Dear Friends in the Northeast,

    1.) 90% of the time the storm is not even half as bad as they say
    2.) Think of this as a free vacation. Get work done and enjoy falling asleep to the sound of rain. 
    3.) Work in teams! Down here we call them Hurricantion parties! Huddle up with a couple bottles of Jack around some candles and do it up! 

    4.) Eat all the meat in your freezer! Trust me, you will never forget the smell if you don’t.
    5.) Lots of people get pregnant during hurricanes! Lock it up

    A girl from New Orleans 

    2. ‎”Drink early, drink often, wear a bathing suit.” – best advice on preparing for a hurricane ever
    3.  Preparing for Sandy —
    So from these posts I’ve gathered that I should stock up on booze. Start drinking. Put on a bathing suit and eat meat. Sounds like the perfect way to spend my Sunday.
    Okay, enough about the hurricane and more on the boat! I’m still not 100% sure the boat is mine, but I can’t help thinking like it is and acting like it is. Yesterday Ben and I bought a six pack and headed over to the shipyard to visit my girl. As soon as I see the boat my worries subside and I’m smiling from ear to ear. It is crazy how excited and happy this makes me. Not to get too Jerry Maguire on you but it’s like the boat completes me. At least it completes my lifestyle. I’m so looking forward to fixing her up, putting her in the water, and learning all about her. Here’s to the first beer on the boat, cheers!