The Waiting Game



This is me, waiting to find out about the boat, with apples.

Some things are worth waiting for. Over the past month I’ve been anxiously awaiting to find out if a boat, currently named Captain’s Quarters, will be mine. In case you don’t know me, I’m kind of an immediate gratification type of person. Like, I wanted to know if the boat was mine 6 months ago, and I didn’t even know the boat existed yet. The longer I wait though, the better the situation seems to get. In the two weeks that it took to get a surveyor to look the boat over and then the one week it took me to track down the shipyard owner to find out what the status was I went from getting the boat for free, to potentially getting paid to take the boat. You heard me right. I might get paid, by the insurance company, to take the boat. 

You might be wondering why. At least that’s what I was wondering when the shipyard owner told me that I should ask for money to take it. To make a long story short, it would cost the insurance company upwards of six thousand dollars to get the boat out of the shipyard. Due to things like the height of the boat and the height of the bridges in the Boston Harbor, it can’t be taken out via harbor which means the insurance company would either have to pay to get the top part of the boat taken off (can we say expensive?) or pay to have a truck driver move the boat from the yard to wherever, also not cheap. But you know what is cheap? Paying someone less than that to take the boat off of their hands. And by someone I mean me.

Now I’m just waiting for the Progressive guy to call me back and fingers crossed he will say, why yes Ali that is a brilliant idea here is your dream boat and five thousand dollars to fix it up with. Hey- a girl can dream can’t she?


Hi, I’m Ali


My name is Ali. I’m 27 and in the preparation steps of moving from my apartment onto a boat. Yes, it’s October. You might think I’m crazy, you’re probably right. Who in their right mind would want to move onto a boat right before winter, in Boston no less? I would. I will. I am. I like to test the limits and get outside of my comfort zone. I invite you to join me on this journey. I will be documenting everything from getting the boat to living on the boat.

Why am I doing this?

I’ve loved boats since I was a small child. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no captain, but I’ve always enjoyed the ride. My grandparents had a boat, she was called Praxis. Definition: “Practical application or exercise of a branch of learning.” I spent a lot of time with Praxis, I even had my 11th birthday party on her.

Besides my love of boats there is a practical side to this. Let me break it down:

Rent: Much much cheaper.

Well-Being: I’m in the process of de-cluttering my life. I wouldn’t consider myself a hoarder (other people might) but I’ve reached a point where I’ve realized that the accumulation of things doesn’t make me happy. In fact, the opposite is appealing to me. I love the idea of selling my furniture, cutting down my closet to only things I actually wear, and letting go of the things that I don’t use that just make my life more complicated and make me feel…heavier.

Amenities: Laundry, gym, and showers at the marina.

Community: The liveaboard community is a tight one. I love meeting new people and community is vital to me. We’re not alone so why not do it together?

Cool Factor: Needs no explanation.