Gratitude 11/2/2012

*This isn’t directly related to the boat but gratitude is universal so I thought I would share. Namaste.

Today I am grateful for:

Being alive.

I just saw on Facebook that my old friend Matt Sayles passed away one year ago on the 10th of November. While he and I weren’t very close, I still hung out with him and I feel this overwhelming sadness that he died one year ago and I had no idea. I didn’t know he had been diagnosed with cancer, was battling cancer, or that he had died from cancer. I started reading about his experience and found that he had kept a blog throughout his battle. I read every entry. Here is a link to the blog: Originally I was going to keep this gratuity journal private. After reading about Matt’s experience, and how hearing other people’s stories helped him– and from my own experience, seeing how other people sharing their experiences has helped me, I’ve decided to share what I am grateful for today. Not only am I grateful to be alive, I am grateful to be healthy, I am grateful to be breathing, I am grateful that I am not in pain. I am so, so, grateful. In honor of Matt, stop what you are doing for a moment, and just be grateful that you are here.