The Waiting Game



This is me, waiting to find out about the boat, with apples.

Some things are worth waiting for. Over the past month I’ve been anxiously awaiting to find out if a boat, currently named Captain’s Quarters, will be mine. In case you don’t know me, I’m kind of an immediate gratification type of person. Like, I wanted to know if the boat was mine 6 months ago, and I didn’t even know the boat existed yet. The longer I wait though, the better the situation seems to get. In the two weeks that it took to get a surveyor to look the boat over and then the one week it took me to track down the shipyard owner to find out what the status was I went from getting the boat for free, to potentially getting paid to take the boat. You heard me right. I might get paid, by the insurance company, to take the boat. 

You might be wondering why. At least that’s what I was wondering when the shipyard owner told me that I should ask for money to take it. To make a long story short, it would cost the insurance company upwards of six thousand dollars to get the boat out of the shipyard. Due to things like the height of the boat and the height of the bridges in the Boston Harbor, it can’t be taken out via harbor which means the insurance company would either have to pay to get the top part of the boat taken off (can we say expensive?) or pay to have a truck driver move the boat from the yard to wherever, also not cheap. But you know what is cheap? Paying someone less than that to take the boat off of their hands. And by someone I mean me.

Now I’m just waiting for the Progressive guy to call me back and fingers crossed he will say, why yes Ali that is a brilliant idea here is your dream boat and five thousand dollars to fix it up with. Hey- a girl can dream can’t she?


First beer on the boat and a hurricane.

It’s starting to rain a little bit here and I’m beginning to wonder if I should start preparing for ‘Sandy.’ It seems like my friends are all stocking up and hunkering down- at least that’s what they are saying on Facebook. My top 3 favorite hurricane related statuses:

  1. Dear Friends in the Northeast,

    1.) 90% of the time the storm is not even half as bad as they say
    2.) Think of this as a free vacation. Get work done and enjoy falling asleep to the sound of rain. 
    3.) Work in teams! Down here we call them Hurricantion parties! Huddle up with a couple bottles of Jack around some candles and do it up! 

    4.) Eat all the meat in your freezer! Trust me, you will never forget the smell if you don’t.
    5.) Lots of people get pregnant during hurricanes! Lock it up

    A girl from New Orleans 

    2. ‎”Drink early, drink often, wear a bathing suit.” – best advice on preparing for a hurricane ever
    3.  Preparing for Sandy —
    So from these posts I’ve gathered that I should stock up on booze. Start drinking. Put on a bathing suit and eat meat. Sounds like the perfect way to spend my Sunday.
    Okay, enough about the hurricane and more on the boat! I’m still not 100% sure the boat is mine, but I can’t help thinking like it is and acting like it is. Yesterday Ben and I bought a six pack and headed over to the shipyard to visit my girl. As soon as I see the boat my worries subside and I’m smiling from ear to ear. It is crazy how excited and happy this makes me. Not to get too Jerry Maguire on you but it’s like the boat completes me. At least it completes my lifestyle. I’m so looking forward to fixing her up, putting her in the water, and learning all about her. Here’s to the first beer on the boat, cheers!

The Boat is Almost Mine

After a lovely conversation with Dan, the shipyard owner, I was informed that the boat is 99% mine. I will know for sure Nov. 2nd. I’m a little bit freaked out because the closer it gets to me having to positively say that I am taking the boat the closer I get to actually doing it. I’m going to move onto a boat. There is this pull from somewhere deep inside of me that tells me I have to do this. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and all of the details are figuring themselves out. It’s still kind of scary though. Like, really? I’m really doing this? Yes, I am. It’s time to take that step, make a move, live up to my potential and follow my dream. Hopefully I’ll be able to see the boat over the weekend so I’m aiming to post pre-renovation (yes I’m “renovating”) it photos.

My Calling

You know how people say “when you know you know.” I never got that. I was like…well how? How do I know? And they were like…”you just do.” That pissed me off. As someone who changes their mind about things frequently; jobs, relationships, living situations, circles of people…I’ve never felt really sure about anything. Life is change right? You’re supposed to go with the flow. 

There were times that I thought I was sure. I thought I knew who I was going to marry, where I was going to settle down, what I would do for the rest of my life. And then things would fall apart and I began to doubt my ability to tell fantasy from reality. I found that my strong desire to tie everything down, superglue it in place, and then beg that it sticks so that I don’t have to experience change and everything that comes with it for the umpteenth time, wasn’t working.

I turned 27 in August and something shifted. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was but I know that it had something to do with the ending of my 3 year relationship, quitting my job, and moving (after living in a hotel for a week because I was “homeless”). I was suddenly back at square one and everything happened so quickly I barely knew how I had gotten there.

As I started to pick up the pieces I found them falling into place before I even touched them. I found an awesome, cheap, and centrally located apartment that would let me move in with my two cats. I got 3 new roommates who are like my long lost sisters. I got a job at a beautiful coworking loft on Newbury Street. I found a therapist that I actually like (trust me, if you’ve been in therapy before you know that it can be difficult to find a therapist that you mesh with). I fell in love. Wait, what is happening. Are things actually coming together this smoothly? Something must be wrong. As I realized that my life was coming together before my eyes I did what any normal 27 year old girl would do. I decided that it was now time to move onto a boat.

I haven’t told my mom yet. It’s one of those things where you know what your mom will say if you call her and you’re like, “So, everything is going like really great. Ben and I are happy and in love. Henry and Lily [my cats] are doing well. My job is awesome and my apartment is great but, I decided that this winter I’m going to move…onto a boat…in the Boston Harbor.”

We all know that the outcome of that conversation will not be a good one. I did tell my dad and he was like, “Al, just…chill. You need to stay still, you need to let your mind rest for a bit, you need to be bored for a little bit.” I found it extremely ironic that he said that I need to be “bored” because at a networking event that I was at a couple of days before they had an icebreaker question and this is what I wrote: Image

I’m sorry but I’m not bored. I can’t help it, I’m just not. I have a lot of things going on. There is a lot I want to do and sitting still just won’t work for me.

So, back to things falling into place. They have. My boyfriend happens to live around the corner from the shipyard at the Boston Harbor. One thing lead to another and I became involved with Harbor Arts, a non-profit organization that is run out of the shipyard. Through Matt, the executive director of Harbor Arts I met Dan the shipyard owner. I told Dan I wanted to move onto a boat but I have no money. He told me he had a boat he was looking to get rid of. I asked him how much? He said, it’s free.